Syinix S-Mortar Yam Pounder and Swallow Maker


  • Liters
  • Motor: 80 watts
  • Heater: 700-850 watts
  • Easy to clean
  • Serves upto 5 people
  • suitable for raw material and Powder

Save energy and time with this classic Syinix S-Mortar Yam Pounder and Swallow Maker.

Immerse yourself in the experience of having all your food prepared automatically, making the time consuming, energy consuming preparation experience a thing of the past. No matter where you are from, all kinds of swallow food in Africa can be realized. There is a possibility for every family meal, the only food that can’t be made is that food you’ve yet not thought of.

The large capacity of the Syinix S-Mortar Yam Pounder and Swallow maker is designed to satisfy all family members in one time preparation. Easy to meet a big family of 5 people’s meal. The perfect combination of the stable power and heating system  with the efficient stainless steel knife set will enhance your experience to the best. It has stainless steel stirring knife sets which helps to ensure that each time, the ingredients are thoroughly stirred and process food without any lump, delicate and delicious. it is easy to clean.


  1. World’s First One!
  2. Fully Automatic, Free your hands!
  3. Saving Time, Saving Energy
  4. All-purpose swallow food
  5. Serve 4 to 5 people
  6. Efficient and stable operation
  7. easy to clean
  8. it has base heating plate
  9. it has top cover pot system. the motor and gearbox for machine operation transmission power timming button to control the production


  1.   Add water and ingredients in proportion
  2.   set the time
  3.   wait for the food to come out
Weight 8 kg